Babylon BioConsulting LLC
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Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: +1 913-909-1128
Fax: 888-385-9109

The Babylon Advantage

Our Services are specifically tailored and dedicated to provide end-end solutions to investors and businesses covering almost every aspect of human and animal health ranging from functional foods and nutraceuticals to diagnostic devices to pharmaceuticals. 

All services are provided based on a flat fee risk-sharing model. 

How We Provide Our Services

The Babylon business approach resembles the hub and spoke model used by airlines. We cover a wide range of expertise by identifying and engaging independent advisors who are industry experts with extensive and relevant experiences with respect to each and every project we are involved in. Our current advisors, with combined human and animal health industry relevant experiences of over 120 years, provide their services under the Babylon umbrella.  Babylon provides them with the support necessary to carry out their tasks within each project seamlessly and fluently.

To our clients, whether investors and strategic partners or client companies large or small we provide a one-stop shop for almost every need imaginable from due diligence and valuations to contract negotiations to sourcing raw materials for manufacturing and expert advise on product development.

We pride ourselves in providing top notch expertise in a responsive professional manner to help you achieve your goals and more. 

Financial Partners

Our financial partners have proven track records, multiple successful exists, seed to series C investment coverage, small to mid-range PE and M&A deals, value added expertise. 

Our Portfolio

Companies with platform technologies for multiple product lines, applications to human and animal health, proven peer-reviewed science, consistent non-diluting grant support, industry relevant boards and strong management.